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Welcome to the Shepherd's Centre.  The program has now been expanded to 89 locations!!!!!! An ecumenical national board has been created with a mission statement and by-laws for all the Shepherd Centres', with Seth Agidi as the national coordinator.  The program also has achieved NGO status.  Each community has its own board as well.

Every faith denomination in the community has representation, along with the queen mother and paramount chiefs and other important decision makers.

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About the Centre

Reverend Seth S. Agidi, Founder and National Coordinator of the Shepherd’s Centre of Ghana, under the auspices of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, cares for the hungry and thirsty among the elderly poor of Ghana. Your generous support of his efforts will touch many who come into centers.









The Shepherd's Centre of Ageing, Ghana (SCAG) is a community based interfaith organization that promotes and supports successful ageing.


Shepherd's Centre of Ageing, Ghana envisions a society, where, as we grow older, we are empowered:

To change the myths of Ageing

To be what we can be

To receive the care we need

To give as we can to others

To live in dignity and in harmony in our communities.


To bring mature people (Older Adults) together within interfaith community-based centers to empower them to develop and provide programmes with services which improve the quality of life for older adults in communities and cooperate with groups to advocate for older adults.


To initiate Shepherd's Centers across the country by offering organizational developments and monitoring ;

To develop and train leaders for individual community Shepherd's Centers;

In concert with other organizations dealing with ageing issues, advocate and change social policies to meet a new image of ageing; and

To identify and develop programmes for the elderly that are of such benefit that they become widespread and reach across the nation.


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